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2022 BIG Plans for The Texas Mile!

Happy New Year!2022 BIG PLANS for The Texas Mile!
We have been quiet during the holiday season focused on caring for and enjoying time with family. Furthermore, we have been working diligently for our Texas Mile Family to capitalize on opportunities for the 2022 motorsports season. 
1. Three (3) runways now available to us.
* Active Runway – runway on which we conducted the 2020-2021 events.
* Back, Inactive Runway – several saw this runway at the Oct. 2021 event. It runs parallel to the active runway
* Original Texas Mile Inactive Runway – at the entrance to Chase.
2. Events for 2022
* The Texas Mile – Spring Event – March 25-27, 2022
- Registration Date: Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 5 PM CT
* The Texas Mile – Fall Event – Oct. 28-30, 2022
- Registration Date: Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 5 PM CT
* The Texas Half-Mile – want to do two (2) events – Dates TBD


3. Making It Happen in 2022
* Determining best runway for each event and dates for ½-Miles. There is much to consider. These are just part of what must be evaluated:
- Condition of runway and time/money to make necessary improvements,
- Shut-down space and;
- A significant amount of logistics internally and with fellow Chase tenants.



We have been meeting with several pavement contractors, businesses and Chase leadership during the past few months. Based on what we have determined, we are extending opportunities to our fans, followers and participants to:
- Bid on runway work and additional site improvements we need done.
- Provide introduction to Chase Management to bid on runway and facility work for which they are budgeting.
- Sponsor Improvement Projects – these are custom sponsorships.
If you know of, work for, or own a Construction and Pavement Business and want to explore this opportunity, let us know. If you know of a business, are part of a business or know an individual that is interested in sponsoring improvement projects for The Texas Mile, let us know.

Please contact co-owner Shannon Matus at 281-802-9863 and email and
We appreciate all our fans, loyal participants, sponsors and AMAZING Staff and suppliers. We look forward to sharing a monumental 2022 with you and turning Chase into a true “House-of-Speed”.
God Speed,

Jay and Shannon Matus, Ashley Flores


Some history for those of you that are new to this legacy event.
Introduction Video:

For 18-years, twice a year, The Texas Mile has transformed an airport runway in the Coastal Bend area of Texas into a world-renowned motorsports festival and proving grounds for manufacturers, after-market suppliers, and vehicle tuners. The Texas Mile hosts amateur and professional car and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the globe for an ultimate Top Speed Racing experience. It is a man-and-machine challenge. Participants race against the mile-per-hour clock with “No Speed Limit” to capture their top speed at the 1-mile marker.

“This is a community centric event everyone enjoys,” says Shannon Matus, who started the event in 2003 with Jay Matus in nearby communities of Goliad, then to Beeville, then to Victoria and now back home to Beeville, TX.  “Our event caters to enhancing the experience of all engaged in the event whether you are physically present or online. It has a very “personal feel” to it while at the same time is considered a “big-time” racing event.”

The Texas Mile originally began with 35 participants and now features more than 220 competitors. It has become a tradition and destination event for many people, families, businesses and civic organizations in the United States, Canada and Mexico as well as gained a significant following internationally.

Event Location: Chase Field Industrial and Airport Complex, Beeville, TX
Event Contact:, 281-303-1844
Web site: and